Re: Shortened Boeings (was: The Sporty Game -- Boeing 757)

From: (Brian Martin)
Organization: AOTC - CSSC
Date:         01 Apr 93 23:09:05 PST
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In article 288@ohare.Chicago.COM, Geoff.Miller@Corp.Sun.COM (Geoff Miller) writes:

>[QANTAS 707-120s] were
>the airplanes I mentioned awhile back which had provision for carrying
>a fifth engine as external freight, under the left wing between #2 and
>the fuselage.  I've only seen one photograph of a QANTAS 707 actually
>carrying an engine this way, oddly enough, and unfortunately I don't
>remember where I saw it.

I'm no expert, but I think QANTAS at some time in the past used to carry out
maintenance for some non-Australian airlines (Singapore ?) & occassionally
used the 5th engine method to carry a (non active) engine to/from Australia
for maintenance beyond the capabilities of local ground crew.

Brian Martin