Re: Aerospatile to shut down Toulouse plant for 2 or 3 weeks in 1993.

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Date:         01 Apr 93 23:09:04 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.304@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Roland L. Behunin;OO-ALC/LILAM) writes:
|> It seems that Airbus (Aerospatile) in Toulouse, France has developed
|> a new production plan for 1993, and will close the plant in Toulouse
|> for 2 or 3 weeks during 1993.  A week in June, and the week between
|> Christmas and New Years, and if necessary, the week before Christmas.
|>  From what I could tell reading the article, the management people
|> figured out a new production plan, then got the union's concurrence.
|> Here is the original article in French:

I'm not going to translate it all, just to add to what Roland already
correctly deduced.

|>     Ces mesures, annoncees au personnel a l'occasion d'un
|>     Comite d'etablissement, sont justifiees selon la 
|>     direction par la revision du plan de production de
|>     l'entreprise, en raison d'annulations de commandes deja
|>     annoncees ou previsibles.

Those measures were justified, according to management, because of the
changes in the production schedule brought about by cancellations of
orders which had already been announced or had been expected. 

|>     Les elus du personnel et representants syndicaus, tous
|>     syndicats confoundus, ont donne un avis defavorable a
|>     l'application de ces mesures, et ont condamne la prise de 
|>     positon de la direction locale, (qui oblige les salaries
|>     a prendre leurs conges a des dates imposees).

The personnel representatives and the unions had given a *negative* advice
on this, and have condemned the position taken by local management, 
(which has forced white-collar personnel to take their vacations on these

|>     En 1991, Aerospatiale avait prevu de construire, tous
|>     modeles confondus, 191 appareils en 1993, 224 en 1994 et
|>     230 en 1995.  Le programme le plus recent ne prevoit pus
|>     desormais que 140 avions en 1993, 14 en 1994 et 179 en
|>     1995.

In 1991, Aerospatiale was expecting to build 191 aircraft in 93, 224 in 94,
230 in 95. The most recent schedule has 140 in 93, 14 (?!) in 94, 179 in 95.

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