Re: Aerospatile to shut down Toulouse plant for 2 or 3 weeks in

From: (Roland L. Behunin;OO-ALC/LILAM)
Date:         01 Apr 93 23:09:01 PST
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In Stefano Pagiola's message of 31 Mar 1993 at 0923 MST, he writes:
> Roland's translation was essentially accurate.  The workers are being
> placed on "Chomage Partiel," = "Partial Unemployment," which is like
> a furlough.  Two periods are planned, 1-5 June and 26-31 December,
> and another, 20-24 December, might be added if more cancellations
> take place.  The Unions are NOT happy about this.

I have to admit the paragraph about the unions gave me a lot of
trouble.  I was not sure if the unions agreed, or if they did not like
the action.  Actually, all I could figure out was the paragraph was
taking about the unions.  I have only been studying French since
September 1992, so I was not really sure how close I came to
translating the article.

> The last paragraph states that predicted production for 1993 had been
> for 191 aircraft (all models; the article is unclear whether this
> includes the ATR42/72, which is also built at Toulouse; it probably
> does not include the A321), 224 in 1994, and 230 in 1995.  Latest
> plans call for production of 140 aircraft in 1993, 14 (? a typo for
> 140?) in 1994, and 179 in 1995.

Yes, I made a typo last night.  I sometimes do that.  (Actually more
than I should!)