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Date:         07 Jan 93 13:17:57 PST
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>I think Canada was the first to develop a commercial jet airliner...
>However, it was the project was killed off by the government...

You're undoubtedly thinking of the A.V. Roe Canada Ltd (Avro) C102
Jetliner.  It missed the honors of first jetliner by less than a
month -- de Havilland's Comet first flew on July 27, 1949, while
the Jetliner's maiden flight was August 10, 1949.

The aircraft was designed for short- to medium-range routes, maybe
a 0th generation DC-9 or 737, though I don't have any more detailed
performance numbers.  In any case, the Canadian government ordered
Avro to cease work on the aircraft during the early fifties to
concentrate on the CF-105 Arrow fighter for the Korean War, much to
the chagrin of Howard Hughes, who wanted to buy Jetlines for TWA.

There's an article on Hughes and the Jetliner in the Fall 1990 issue
of Airliners, though it's more anecdotes about Hughes than about the

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