737 nits (was Re: 757-300?)

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Date:         31 Mar 93 01:14:58 PST
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Terrell D. Drinkard writes:
>The -500 is really a 58" stretch of the -200, which itself was a
>stretch of the -100 (32 built).

Is that a typo?  Several references I have handy show the -500 as
being about 18" longer than the -200.  I'd also expect at least one
extra row with a 58" stretch but they seem to end up with the same
number of seats, e.g. Southwest packs 122 onto both while United
actually has one less seat on the -500 with 108 seats.

>Actually, Southwest buys the -300 exclusively.

Perhaps you've forgotten that they were the launch customer for the
737-500?  Still buying (or leasin) then, too -- as of about a year ago
they planned on taking another ten -500s (plus three -300s) this year
and the same in 1994.

>Without EFIS I might add.

I understand this is to minimize differences from their -200s.  Are
any other airlines still buying 737s without the video arcade?

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