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Date:         31 Mar 93 01:14:54 PST
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>Is anyone aware of any reference material which lists airline fleets
>and their corresponding powerplant specifications.

Sounds like what you want is a current copy of JP Airline-Fleets
International.  It's organized by country, sorted by ICAO country
prefix (e.g. N for the U.S.), and within each country each airline
is listed in alphabetical order.  After a few lines of summary info
on the airline comes a fleet list, one line per aircraft, more or
less in increasing MGTOW.

A typical entry, for a plane I flew on earlier this month, wrapped
to two lines as I can't select a smaller font:

 N146UA   Boeing 747SP-21   21547/325   N537PA   0078 0286   4 PW JT9D-7A
 reg'n    type of aircraft    cn / sn   ex/ex    mfd  del    powered by

 318422   F18C62Y164            8646
 mtow kg  config        selcal  name/fln/specifications/remarks

These are published every spring, so a new one is due real-soon-now.
The U.S. distributor is

    World Transport Press
    P.O. Box 521238
    Miami, FL 33152


At about US$45 it isn't cheap but it's got loads of information.

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