Re: First Flights on airliners

From: (michael p.herlihy)
Organization: AT&T
Date:         07 Jan 93 13:17:55 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.18@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Gunter Ahrendt) writes:
> (Kevin Driscoll) writes:
>>This episode was titled "Mass Transit in the Sky".  It started by saying
>>that just after commercial jet transport's infancy (707), the Europeans
>>went for speed with the SST and the US went for size (principally the
>>747); and then the Europeans had to play catch up after making this mistake.
>Huh? The SST was a US project, and the Europeans started the Jet Race, it's the
>US that played catch-up, If Boeing would have been first they would have had
>the joy of discovering Metal fatigue and then De Havilland would have cleaned
>up the world marker...alas it was vice versa.

I think Canada was the first to develop a commercial jet airliner...

However, it was the project was killed off by the government...

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