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Date:         29 Mar 93 12:15:47 PST
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Mark Rogers writes:
>I would be very a wary to support any of my arguments with quotes from
>Dick Ferris, considering what he did to United in the mid 80's.  I 
>think that United has significantly changed its tune in the past 8
>years, and very much for the better. :  I believe the current management
>does believe that customers matter.

I suspect you could find similar thoughts running around Crandall's
head too, though he'd calculate down to the penny the tradeoff in
squeezing the passengers a bit more vs. operational efficiency.  And
keep in mind that Ferris' comment was in the context of 2-3-2 versus
2-4-2 seating.  I'll bet most passengers (members of this group
notwithstanding) couldn't tell the difference between a 767 and an
A300/A310, and it certainly wouldn't factor into their decisions on
which airline to fly.  Extending that argument to a single-aisle
aircraft versus double aisle is, perhaps, going a bit too far, I'll
admit, though I think there are still many cases where it still holds.

Back to Ferris, I think he had some very interesting and customer-
oriented ideas in Allegis.  But the competetive environment and the
inability of most U.S. companies to pursue real long-term goals (the
airliner manufacturing business being a notable excepton) made his
plans unimplementable.

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