Re: 757-300?

From: (Mark Rogers        )
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
Date:         29 Mar 93 12:15:46 PST
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>Who cares?  As Richard Ferris, former head of United, allegedly said
>to Boeing with regard to the 767:

>    "Don't bug me about double-aisle or seven-abreast.  I want the
>    most efficient airplane.  Just guarantee the seat-mile perform-
>    ance.  As for customer preference, I couldn't care less."

I would be very a wary to support any of my arguments with quotes from
Dick Ferris, considering what he did to United in the mid 80's.  I 
think that United has significantly changed its tune in the past 8
years, and very much for the better. :  I believe the current management
does believe that customers matter.
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Mark Rogers