Shortened Boeings (was: The Sporty Game -- Boeing 757)

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Date:         29 Mar 93 12:15:45 PST
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:

>The 720 was the first shrunken Boeing, if you'll accept that it was a
>707 shortened and modified for medium-range work.

A small nit here.  The first shrunken Boeings -- in terms of physical
size if not intended range -- were the special short-body 707-120s built
for QANTAS.  They were actually shorter than the the 720.  These were
the airplanes I mentioned awhile back which had provision for carrying
a fifth engine as external freight, under the left wing between #2 and
the fuselage.  I've only seen one photograph of a QANTAS 707 actually
carrying an engine this way, oddly enough, and unfortunately I don't
remember where I saw it.  I don't know whether this version had any
special designation aside from the identity provided by the customer
dash number.


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