Honeywell ELS to use Apple Quadra 800

From:         Robert Dorsett <>
Date:         29 Mar 93 12:15:40 PST
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Betty Taylor
Apple Computer, Inc.
Jim Veihdeffer
Honeywell/Air Transport Systems Division
Honeywell Adopts Apple's Macintosh Technology for Aircraft
Information Systems
PHOENIX, Arizona--March 26, 1993--Apple Macintosh computer technology
will be placed in the cockpit to drive information management systems
for the commercial airline market under an OEM agreement announced
today between Apple Computer, Inc. and Honeywell Inc.

    Under the agreement, Honeywell, the industry leader in design and
development of integrated avionics systems, will manufacture an
Electronic Library System (ELS) incorporating a ruggedized avionics
version of Apple's recently introduced Macintosh Quadra 800 high-
performance personal computer.  Honeywell's ELS is a state-of-the-art
information management system designed to provide airline personnel--
flight crew, cabin attendants and ground maintenance crew--with
timely access to all the information necessary to operate and
maintain an aircraft (excluding aircraft control).

    The electronic library includes functions such as "hypertext"
document retrieval of aircraft flight manuals, operational manuals,
navigation charts and maintenance manuals.

    "Honeywell and Apple are paving the way toward satisfying a growing
aviation industry need for automated information systems that reduce
the tens of thousand of printed pages of text and graphics contained
in flight kits," said Don Schwanz, vice president of marketing for
Honeywell's Air Transport Systems Division.  "Combining our ELS with
Apple's proven, easy-to-use computing technology gives our customers
a cost-effective and timely way to update and revise flight
information, thereby improving total operating efficiencies.  This
technology will also give our end users unparalleled applications

    With the adoption of Macintosh technology, Honeywell plans to provide
its airline customers with the capability to easily integrate and
manipulate graphics, audio and video elements, and use commercially
available off-the-shelf software.  "This provides airborne software
application compatibility with computer systems on the ground, and
should help to incorporate more fully the aircraft into an airline's
overall information management system," said Mark Anderson,
Honeywell's lead engineer for the ELS project.  "In effect, the
airplane will become another node on the airline's information
management network."

    The agreement marks the first time Apple has licensed Macintosh
computer technology under such an OEM agreement.  Terms of the
agreement were not disclosed.

    "Apple believes Macintosh personal computing technology can add great
value outside the realm of the traditional personal computer market,"
said Fred Forsyth, senior vice president and general manager of the
Macintosh Systems Division.  "This agreement with Honeywell marks the
first step in our plans to extend our existing technology into new
markets by working with selected OEM partners.  There is clearly
opportunity to leverage our powerful, yet easy-to-use technology in
new ways and provide customized applications for specialized

   Honeywell's ELS will be based on the the newest member of Apple's
high-performance Macintosh Quadra line, the Quadra 800.  A highly
expandable system powered by a 33MHz Motorola 68040 microprocessor,
the Quadra 800 offers a superior high-speed graphical computing
solution with integrated high-speed networking and accelerated video

   "We see the Macintosh platform--with its enhanced graphics,
leadership in multimedia development capabilities, support for major
networking standards and multi-platform, client-host systems
integration solutions--as particularly well-suited for the highly
interactive, graphical computing environment Honeywell seeks to
implement in ELS," said Eric Sirkin, manager of OEM business for
Apple.  "Macintosh foundation technologies, such as QuickTime and
WorldScript, make it possible for Honeywell to develop a very
intuitive system that can access text, graphics and other visual
information at the touch of a finger."

    A number of key technologies influenced Honeywell's decision to
select Apple for the ELS project.  QuickTime 1.5, Apple's multimedia
architecture for the Macintosh personal computer, provides users with
the capabilities to cut, copy, and paste video, sound, and animation
with the same ease of use that Macintosh customers have come to
expect from working with graphics, data, and text.  Apple's
WorldScript technology makes it possible for developers to quickly
localize applications for international customers.  Both QuickTime
and WorldScript are part of Apple's latest version of the Macintosh
operating system software, System 7.1.

    Honeywell has the opportunity to draw from emerging System 7
technologies such as the Apple Open Collaboration Environment,
AppleScript, and QuickDraw GX, which are designed to extend the
capabilities of System 7--providing new levels of ease of use and
enabling new solutions in integrated communications, customization of
the computing environment and automation of tasks.

    Honeywell also said it plans to use Apple's next generation Macintosh
computing platform, based on the PowerPC RISC architecture, in future
generations of their ELS product.

    Honeywell's Commercial Flight Systems Group, based in Phoenix, Ariz.
is the recognized world leader in the design and development of
integrated avionics systems.  Major product lines include: Electronic
Flight Instrument Systems; Flight Management Systems; Inertial
Reference Systems; satellite communications (SATCOM) systems;
collision avoidance and windshear avoidance systems; and global
navigation systems.  In addition to products and systems, Honeywell
has become the leader in flight deck integration with programs such
as the McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Boeing 777, Gulfstream IV and Dornier

    Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Apple Computer, Inc. is a leading
supplier of computers to consumer, education, business and government
markets worldwide. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal
computer industry, Apple has been named first in customer
satisfaction among business computer users in the United States for
the past two years by J.D. Power and Associates.
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