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Date:         25 Mar 93 00:08:52 PST
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>I noticed a big 'ol BMW logo on the engine.

Do you mean the prop blur looked like a BMW logo?  (For those who
don't know, BMW made aircraft engines well before they got into the
automobile business, and the logo is a sylized propeller with the
blue and white representing sky and clouds, respectively, as well as
being the state colors of Bavaria.  BMWs are another love of mine --
when the opportunity arises I enjoy humiliating Porsches at Nelson
Ledges and Laguna Seca with my 323i.  :-) )

The last BMW-powered aircraft that I'm aware of are a small number of
experimental Messerschmidt Me-262s.  (Most used Junkers engines.)

>Some months later BMW and Rolls-Royce announced they were going to
>produce aircraft engines... Anything ever come of this?

The engine is called the BR700.  Last I knew it was still looking for
an airframe, with the most likely candidate being the 70-100 seat jet
which Deutsche Airbus (DASA, then MBB) and I think Fokker were talking
about.  With the A319 likely to be launched and built in Germany, I
suspect the odds of this aircraft being built are slim.  I'm not sure
where that leaves the BR700 -- perhaps growth versions of the Canadair

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