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Date:         25 Mar 93 00:08:27 PST
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H. Andrew Chuang wrote:
>Ironically, AA ordered a lot of PW2000's without ordering the 757,
>and later cancelled that P&W order.

What on earth for?  Did they buy them in anticipation of a 757 order
which did not, at the time, materialize?  I've never heard of anyone
buying the engines before the airframe, though with Crandall at the
controls I suppose just about anything can happen.

>IMHO, GE is very lucky that it only misses the 757 market, since the
>757 is probably the least successful Boeing program.

While the 757 got off to an exceedingly slow start, deliveries caught
up with and surpassed the 767 about a year ago.  The gap is now about
50 aircraft and widening.  The 757 sells for less, of course, but it
also is cheaper to build due to all the commonality with the 727 and
737, plus the 757 orders seem to be fewer and larger.  At this point
I'd think the 757 is doing quite nicely for Boeing.

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