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Date:         25 Mar 93 00:08:17 PST
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Christopher Davis writes:
>Arguably, the 737-500 is a shortening of the -300 ...

>Certainly that model seems to be doing well (or maybe it's just that
>Southwest is buying them all :).

United has been averaging around two new 737-500s per month for over
two years now; Braathens SAFE seems to be getting a fair number of
them as well.  Lufthansa and LOT are buying them as well, though not
quite in bulk.

>This would imply that a theoretical 757-100 with, say, derated RB211s
>would have the dispatch reliability and time-between-maintenance to
>serve in many of the current 727 "feeder" and "shuttle" roles.

One of the keys to shuttle operations is fully amortized aircraft,
which don't have to work as hard to earn their keep.  Thus Electras
(until recently) on Varig's Ponte Aerea shuttle, old 727s on Delta's
ex-Pan Am shuttle in the northeastern U.S., and old 737-200s on many
of United's mid-day Los Angeles - San Francisco "shuttle" flights.
Same thing goes for United's intra-European feeds out of Heathrow and
de Gaulle, which use their oldest 727-200s for a single round-trip per

For work like this, most any new aircraft is simply too expensive to
acquire, regardless of operating costs.

>can [a 757] land at LGA?

Easily.  So can a DC-10, L-1011, or A-300 for that matter. The 757
also seems to be popular at Orange County, with its over-restrictive
noise abatement regulations.

>Agreed; the amount of real expertise here (both professional and `amateur')
>is incredible.  I think a great deal of the thanks must go to our moderator
>as well (and I'm not just saying this so he'll post my message :)

>Note also that I am *not* a real expert of either type ...

I'm no more of an expert on these matters than your are -- I just play
one on the net!  ;-)

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