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Date:         25 Mar 93 00:08:09 PST
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Stefano Pagiola writes:
>the 757 has some pretty long routes, and few people are happy about that.

Who cares?  As Richard Ferris, former head of United, allegedly said
to Boeing with regard to the 767:

    "Don't bug me about double-aisle or seven-abreast.  I want the
    most efficient airplane.  Just guarantee the seat-mile perform-
    ance.  As for customer preference, I couldn't care less."

One wouldn't normally associate Southwest and comfort either, but that
doesn't seem to be keeping people from stepping all over each other to
help keep Southwest solidly in the black.

The lower frontal area of a narrow body aircraft generally means lower
drag -- and lower operating costs -- as compared to a wide-body.  With
airlines constantly driving prices down they'll do anything they can
to reduce costs, and if they can get away with operating an aircraft
that's less comfortable for passengers to do so, so be it.

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