Re: Airliners landing in water

From: (John Winslade)
Organization: University of Nebraska at Omaha
Date:         23 Mar 93 11:02:24 PST
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  or MIME structure (Dennis Chamberlin) writes:

>Not for long. The only case I am aware of where an airliner full of 
>pax was ditched (controlled touchdown on the water) was a Boeing
>Stratocruiser in the North Pacific, perhaps in the early 50's.

>Partly due to excellent navigation and communications, a brilliant
>rescue was completed, I believe without the loss of a single life.

This sounds very much like the ditching/rescue filmed in the Coast Guard's
documentary film _Rescue_On_Ocean_Station_November_ which was in the late
50's or early 60's, I guess.  It's mostly taken from 8mm film shot by a
guy on the crew of the ship, but it's quite viewable.  If I remember
correctly, it was a flight from LA to Hono. that lost (as in quit) two
engines just before midpoint.

The film showed the fuselage broken in two, but it stayed afloat long
enough for all crew and passengers to be rescued.

Any large USCG installation should have a copy of this, as it's been used
as a recruiting/publicity film for many years.
Good day        JSW