Re: First Flights on airliners

From: (Alek Seelemann)
Organization: University of Waterloo
Date:         07 Jan 93 13:17:49 PST
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In sci.aeronautics.airliners article  
<airliners.1993.18@ohare.Chicago.COM> you wrote:
> Huh? The SST was a US project, and the Europeans started the Jet  
Race, it's the
> US that played catch-up, If Boeing would have been first they would  
have had
> the joy of discovering Metal fatigue and then De Havilland would  
have cleaned
> up the world marker...alas it was vice versa.

DeHavilland was aware of metal fatigue. Why the heck they designed  
square windows (sharp corners == stress concentration == engineering  
no-no #1) is a mystery. Boeing cleaned up because the 707 was so  
over-designed it could (and did, once) perform barrel rolls. Very  
confidence inspiring!