Re: Airbus "family ratings" ? (incl. Robert's reply)

From:         spagiola@FRI-nxt-Pagiola.Stanford.EDU (Stefano Pagiola)
Date:         23 Mar 93 00:24:50 PST
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> > Airbus refers to the 2-crew A300 cockpit as FFCC - Forward-Facing
> > Crew Cockpit; I always found this to be very funny.

> I agree it sounds funny. Could it be a euphemistic way of
> referring to the  lack of a flight engineer (who would not
> normally need to face forward)?  Remember that 2-man
> crews were a very sensitive issue around that time.  


Yes, that's exactly where the name comes from: no flight engineer sitting  

On the subject of F/Es: does anyone know if Air Inter's unions got their way and  
forced the airline to have an F/E in the A320?  I think they didn't, but at one  
time it looked like they would.  Can anyone confirm one way or another?

Ciao, Stefano
Stefano Pagiola
Food Research Institute, Stanford University (NeXTMail encouraged) (NeXTMail encouraged)