Re: 2, 3, 4 engines-- what's actually safer?

From: (Gabriel Haythornthwaite)
Organization: Telectronics Pacing Systems
Date:         23 Mar 93 00:24:49 PST
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|> | Perhaps a better way of looking at it would be to ask whether there's been
|> | a twinjet crash which a trijet could have survived.   
|> Yes, there is a quite recent example.  Kegworth, England.  There was a
|> fire in one engine, and the crew misinterpreted the indications and shut
|> off fuel to the *other* engine.  QED.  (Details from memory.)

I believe in this case the fire warning indicators for the two engines 
were incorrectly wired (they were reversed). 

There was NO error on the part of the crew. 

BA examined several other Boeing aircraft from the same order and found 
they had the same problem. I can't remember the plane type
but I recal the episode prompted quite a stir in the UK and at Boeing.

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