Re: 747-400F

From: (Greg Wright)
Organization: Boeing
Date:         20 Mar 93 21:21:07 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.250@ohare.Chicago.COM> (SSgt Scott Jacobson;93D APS/TROS;981-7441) writes:
>If there is no floor in the upper deck then what are the pilots seats
>bolted to? <grin!>
>I think what you mean to say is that the upper deck floor in the -400F
>is not as long as in the passenger model. Since the cockpit floor still

 This is correct.

>intrudes into the main cabin area operators are limited, height-wise,
>as to what can be loaded thru the nose. Solution? Cut a full height
>cargo door into the aft fuselage - which is exactly what Boeing did.

 There is still the swinging nose section to load cargo through.  Even
through a full size aft door you couln't get oversized cargo into
the upper deck area.  To tell the truth, I didn't notice where the
nose section swings open at(I went to the roll out week before last).
I will call the -400F people and let you know.  If it is allowed I 
could even post some more detailed info on it.

>BTW: What are the structural implications of removing a portion
>of the upper deck floor?

 I am no structures person, but as I said above, I may be able to
post any non-limited info on it...I'll let you know.



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