Re: Aha! The three-man 767 rears its ugly head...

From: (Christopher Davis)
Organization: Electronic Frontier Foundation Tech Central
Date:         06 Jan 93 23:56:44 PST
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KS> == Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM>

 ckd> The aforementioned first 767 was last seen (by me anyway :) at Boeing
 ckd> Field, looking kinda lonely (it's been sitting there a fairly long time).

 KS> I'm surprised it's been that long -- I thought it had been involved
 KS> with the AOA development fairly recently.

Well, it's been there the last few times I've been up to BFI, going back to
at least December 1990 (I remember because I was looking at it and fell on
my rear end due to an icy parking lot at the Museum of Flight :).

Of course, I just could have been there on the days it wasn't flying, but
it never seemed to have moved at all.

 ckd> N767BA, Boeing 767-200 (that's right, 00, a reserved customer code) ...

 KS> I thought that code interesting as well.  The info I have says that 20
 KS> is supposed to be the code for Boeing itself, including prototypes.

They've probably changed that since the 707 days, rightly (IMHO) deciding
that it made more sense for the prototype to be the 7x7-x00.

 ckd> Other notes on the 757/767: the 757 prototype, N757A, was sitting nearby

 KS> It's supposed to become the flying testbed for the 777's fly-by-wire,
 KS> er, fly-by-light system quite soon now.  Were there any signs of
 KS> activity?

Nothing at the time, but the fact that it was there when it hadn't been
before was a sign in and of itself.

 ckd> the AWACS version of the 767 is looking to be launched by Japan soon

 KS> I wonder if 767 #1 will be any sort of prototype for this program?

AvLeak didn't say, but it didn't sound like there were any plans to
prototype it; the first two airframes would presumably be used as
"deliverable prototypes" much as the 747-400 test planes were.  The planes
will be pretty much stock, sent to Wichita for strengthening of the rear
fuselage and other modifications, then returned to Seattle for the
electronics.  Of course, this all assumes that the procurement passes the
Japanese Diet.

(I don't remember which of the N books about Boeing I read this in, but
during testing of the 767's wing strength, they never found out how strong
it really was; at 117% (or so, don't remember the exact number) of rated
strength, the fuselage gave way.  I'll try to find where I read it.)
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