Re: Airliners landing in water

From: (Marshal "Airborne" Perlman)
Organization: University of Denver, Dept. of Math & Comp. Sci.
Date:         18 Mar 93 09:59:52 PST
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>Can large airliners safely land in water in case of an emergency?
>If so, will they float? Have there been cases?
Well... let me tell you something that happened to me.
A few years ago, I was going from California back east to see a friend... and
the Eastern Pilots were nice enough to let me in the jump seat for a while, and
while I was up there, the pilot produced a glossy information card with
"Emergency Procedures" on it (just like the passengers get in the back of their
seats)... anyhow, the pilot said to the co-pilot, "We got new cards, did you see
them???" and the co-pilot started laughing very loudly, and I asked him what was
so funny... and he told me (while pointing to a very well drawn picture of an
aircraft floating on water), "Like this thing would float!?"
Sorta funny... eh?
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