APU hourly rates

From:         rdd@cactus.org (Robert Dorsett)
Date:         18 Mar 93 09:03:17 PST
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Someone recently asked me what the typical costs of running off an APU
were.  Here's some data from the April-June 1981 BOEING AIRLINER:

Hourly operating and maintenance costs, electrical power only, no air
conditioning, fuel $1.00/gal, electricity $0.05 per kWh:

Aircraft type     APU       Diesel GPU        Fixed power system
Narrow-body       $32/hr    $4.30/hr          $0.75/hr
Wide-body (2/3)   $70/hr    $6.50/hr          $1.20/hr
B-747             $141/hr   $17/hr            $1.70

Estimated direct cost of producing electricity and air conditioning,
same limitations:

Aircraft type     APU       Diesel GPU        Fixed power + pneumatics
Narrow Body       $45/hr    $16/hr            $10/hr
Wide Body (2/3)   $75/hr    $31/hr            $18/hr

Robert Dorsett