Re: A340s in United's future?

From:         Paul Michael Keller <>
Date:         17 Mar 93 23:14:44 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.243@ohare.Chicago.COM>
kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:

 [Airliners Monthly quote about possible UAL purchase 
 of A340 deleted, along with other stuff]

>In any case, I've not seen any of the "press reports" regarding United
>and the A340.  Has anyone else?  Does anyone have any other details?

About 4-6 weeks ago there was a p. A3 article in the Wall Street Journal 
about Airbus approaching UAL with a proposal for the A340 to replace 
existing orders for the 777.  The WSJ noted that Airbus has been left
with some difficult resales with the NWA A340 cancelations.  Apparently
some of those A/C are far enough along in production to be substantially 
customized to NWA's specs, greatly reducing their replacement possibili-
ties.  If my recollection is correct, the WSJ speculated that Airbus was 
trying to offer these A/C to UAL at a large discount.  It was reported 
that UAL was talking to Airbus about their proposal, and also to Boeing 
about their 777 orders at the same time.  The WSJ suggested that UAL may 
have been simply using the Airbus offer to lever Boeing into offering 
more favorable terms on the 777.

This proposal seems to have died since then.  The WSJ published no de-
tailed followup to this, and I have since read a few other very short 
references in both the WSJ and AvWeek similar to Karl's quote from 
Airliners Monthly.  I am fairly certain that AvWeek published nothing
substantive or detailed on this.  After reading the above noted article
in the WSJ I looked carefully for what AvWeek might have had to say 
about this, and nothing has appeared.

Paul Keller