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The current Airliners Monthly News (AMN, March 1993) includes the
following on p. 26:

    A 23ft 4in stretched fuselage version of the 757 is being
    considered by Boeing, along with a long-range model with
    increased gross weights.

In typical two-class configuration the stretched version sounds to me
like a nightmare at gates -- the current 757-200 is already a pain in
the hindquarts to board, though boarding at door 2 does help ease the
congestion a bit.  (For comparison, that stretch would make it just
slightly longer than a DC-8-61/-71.  Given typical economy seat pitch
it would add 8 rows or 48 seats, absent additional lavs and/or galleys,
which is significantly above a comparably configured DC-8-61/-71.)

For the longer range version I'd guess they could easily hang on the
larger RB.211 engines, but what about other options?  I've never read
much about the PW2000.  How closely related is it to the PW4000 series
or to the older JT9D?  Is it a completely different design?  From the
specs (turbine and compressor stages, etc.) it look significantly
different from the PW4000 ...

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