A340s in United's future?

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Date:         17 Mar 93 10:18:39 PST
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The current Airliners Monthly News (AMN, March 1993) includes the
following on p. 10:

    [United Airliners] has been talking to Airbus about the A340,
    although this would appear to be more long-range than short-term
    (some press reports have speculated A340s could replace existing
    Boeing 777 orders) because of the political flak that could be
    sent up.

I can see United having some interest in the A340 for the long, thin
routes on which they currently use the 747SP, which they would like
to get rid of.  The 747-400 is probably too big (read: expensive to
operate) for these routes and even B market 777s might not have the

But to replace 777 orders?  United's original order was entirely for
A market (domestic) aircraft to replace the DC-10, stretched just a
bit from the baseline to permit Chicago-Hawaii nonstops, a route
currently operated with the DC-10-30.  When Boeing refused to allow
United to cancel or defer some 777 deliveries, they agreed to instead
cancel or defer some 747-400 orders and convert at least the early 777
orders to A+ versions, not quite B market but with sufficient range to
handle some of the 747 routes.  Chicago-Beunos Aires was mentioned as
being a route they wanted to be able to operate.

In any case, I've not seen any of the "press reports" regarding United
and the A340.  Has anyone else?  Does anyone have any other details?

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