Re: Tours of Douglas in Long Beach

From: (Anthony Firmin)
Organization: Ingres, The ASK Group
Date:         16 Mar 93 21:57:53 PST
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 I have been hearing about tours of the Boeing facilities
 in Washington lately and was wondering about tours of the
 McDonnel Douglas facility in Long Beach, California.

I am new to using the net so excuse me if this appeared already.

McD do tours - but it depends who you are, what you are, where you are
from, which day they are replying on etc...
I have been around the factory 4 times, the first two times I applied 
to the public affairs office.  Being a 'Brit' (and a spotter - but thats
another story) makes it much easier.  If you work for a McD customer then 
it is very easy (my last 2 times were with a customer) to get tours, a 
friend of mine works for an airline and gets around every 3 months.
Going around the perimeter, up and down all the side roads gives you a good 
feel for whats going on and plenty can be seen - I've taken a large number 
of photos at the end of the runway.
Try to avoid the C17 plant though - they get a bit touchy around there.
Good luck - and let us know how you got on.

..Anthony Firmin (the mad British spotter).