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>In the end, when listing the 321's advantages, there was a
>quote that "the Airbus family is better, because the crew
>doesn't need any additional training for another model" ?
>Does this mean there is a "family rating"

It certainly seems like a lot of information from Airbus is distorted
by marketing hype, and this is no exception.  Yes, there is a family
rating amongst *some* Airbus models -- but not all.  Specifically, the
A320 and derivatives (A321 and, if built, presumably the A319) along
with the A330 and A340 share a common rating.  (Why one would want to
propagate this pilot interface is a matter for another debate!)

However, the A300 and A310 are *not* part of this family rating, much
as Airbus Marketing might like you to believe otherwise.  I suspect
that the A310 and A300-600 form a single family; older A300s may be
yet another rating.

Amongst current production Boeing has three families -- 737, 757/767,
and 747.  At the start, the 777 (back when it was called the 767-X)
was to share ratings with the 757/767 but customer demand quickly
caused Boeing to switch to the 747-400 as the model.  While there may
be substantial similarities, I suspect that the 777 has evolved to the
point of requiring a separate rating.

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