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From:         h andrew chuang <>
Date:         04 Mar 93 01:53:30 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.222@ohare.Chicago.COM> Karl Swartz <> writes:   
>The Feb. 22 issue of AW&ST has a photograph of the first 747-400F,
>which is currently being assembled at Everett.  I was surprised to
>see that it has the smaller upper deck of the 747-100/-200 instead
>of the extended upper deck of the -300 and passenger -400 models.
>Several years ago I had heard that Cargolux had ordered four or
>five 747-400 freighters, with smaller upper decks, but subsequently
>heard that Boeing had convinced them to accept the stretched version
>to avoid extra engineering and certification costs.  Any idea why
>the change of heart?

I don't think there is a change of heart.  If I remember correctly, Air
France is the first airline that ordered the freighter version of the -400.
At that time, Boeing said it will not build the -400F's with SUD's.  There
should not be any major extra cost for Boeing, after all, it has been
building the -100's, -200's, and SP's for the last twenty some years.  For
most freighter operations, the upper deck is used only by the crew.
Therefore, it is quite useless to have a SUD, and it means extra weight.
Cargolux used to carry passengers in the upper deck on some of their
regular cargo flights.  If anyone wants a SUD with the -400F, it should be
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