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Date:         03 Mar 93 01:16:20 PST
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In article <air.1993.213@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Terrell D. Drinkard) writes:
>  737-X  Under serious study, waiting for a launch customer & funding.

According to various things I've seen, three approaches are under
consideration: somewhat gradual phasing in of new features, sort of
a 737-300 Advanced; a new series, e.g. 737-600; or a totally new
aircraft, e.g. 787.  Are all of these options still plausible?

>  757 Stuff  In work, but nothing public.

8-)  Do keep us posted!  The 757 is somewhat distinguished in having
remained in a single version.

>  MD-95  Haven't heard much on this one lately.

The Feb. 22 AW&ST has photos of the rollout of the first MD-90.

>  Tu-204 with various engines.  Just got Russian cert.  Will be working on
>Western certs the next two years.  Good airplane.

How would you say it compares to the 757?  On paper, the numbers say
it is remarkably similar, even down to essentially the same RB.211 or
PW2000 engines as used by the 757.

>  A321.  First flight shortly.  183 seats, medium range, single-aisle.

In many ways this seems like a 757 competitor, never mind the A322.
Seating is comparable, and while the ~45,000 lb. lower MGTOW gives it
a shorter range it's still (at least on paper) quite capable of going
most of the way across North America, which means it's quite capable
of handling what appears to be the majority of the 757's markets.

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