Re: The Len Morgan Collection

From: (Gary Bisaga)
Organization: The Mitre Corporation, McLean Virginia
Date:         06 Jan 93 14:37:18 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.1@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Robert Dorsett) writes:
|> I ran across an advert in the latest _Airliners_.  Seems that Len Morgan's
|> daughter is selling a whole bunch of aviation-related memorabilia.
|> ...
|> For those who are unaware, Len Morgan writes a column in FLYING.  He's also
|> written a variety of books.
Pick up the, I believe, October edition of Flying, and read Morgan's
column.  He talks about how he and his family started their little
writing/publishing/collecting/etc. business, with him writing the
first book, a reference on the P-51.  He then branched out to other
WW2 fighters, then other military planes, then finally to alot of
different types of planes.  Interesting article, as his articles
always are.

Gary Bisaga (