Airliner Projects

Date:         25 Feb 93 06:13:22 PST
Organization: AT&T
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Could someone "in the know" furnish some information about new airliner
projects.  This includes brand new planes like the 777 and upgrades/
enhancements to existing airliners, e.g. 747-500.  A description of
the changes and status of the work would be appreciated.

Also, what is a good ongoing source of such information?  I get Boeing annual
reports yearly, but there is no mailing list that I know of that you can
get on, so must call regularly to get anything.

Aviation Week is expensive and provides too much information in other

"Airliners" seems to provide information mostly on the carriers themselves
and "Airliners Monthly News" seems to focus on route and fleet changes.

Are there others?  Haven't seen "Air Transport World", but it sounds
like a management magazine.  Any info is appreciated.

Paul Nelson
Bell Labs
Naperville, IL