Non-review of "The Boeing 737"

From: (Robert Dorsett)
Date:         23 Feb 93 12:04:33 PST
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Ran across this at the bookstore today: a tidy little text on the B-737,
apparently one of a series.  This isn't one of those photo-album books
that Osprey's been putting out for a while: much more historical/analytical
than that.  Somewhat Euro-oriented.

TITLE: Modern Civil Aircraft: 9, The Boeing 737
AUTHOR: Alan J. Wright.
PUBLISHER: Ian Allan Ltd, Shepperton, Surrey, England.
DATE: 1991.
ISBN: 0-7110-1955-X
Illustrated (B&W, color cover), 80 pp.
PRICE: #7.95, $14.95 US (distributed by Howell Press in the US, 1-800-868-4512).

      1.  Background
      2.  Development
      3.  Into service
      4.  The Series 300
      5.  The Series 400
      6.  The Series 500
      7.  The Military 737
      8.  Variants
      9.  Mishaps
    Appendix 1. Customer Numbers
    Appendix 2. Operators.

The Mishaps section is a discussion of the various crashes: not just tabular
data.  Appendix 2 is likewise a discussion of the various fleets and plans,
and not just tabular data.

Robert Dorsett!!rdd