Report on visit to Airbus Industrie - Corrections to references

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         23 Feb 93 00:10:20 PST
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In the trip report which I mailed on 3rd Feb., there was an incomplete 
reference and an incorrect reference. Please note that the following are 
the complete and correct versions of references [2] and [6]:- 

[2] Potocki de Montalk J.P.: ``Computer Software in Civil Aircraft'', 
    Airbus Industrie, Blagnac 31707, France (to appear in a special issue 
    of ``Microprocessors and Microsystems'' on ``Safety-Critical Software'', 
    edited by Prof W J Cullyer). 

[6] Butler R.W., Finelli B.G.: ``The Infeasibility of Experimental 
    Quantification of Life-Critical Software Reliability'', ACM SIGSOFT '91 
    Conference on Software for Critical Systems, New Orleans, Dec. 4-6, 1991, 
    (Software Engineering Notes, Vol. 16, No. 5, pp. 66-76). 

My thanks to Jonathan Bowen and R.W. Butler for the information. 

Peter Mellor, Centre for Software Reliability, City University, Northampton 
Sq., London EC1V 0HB, Tel: +44(0)71-477-8422, JANET: