727 paint removal

From:         devine@olympus.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Bob Devine)
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Date:         23 Feb 93 00:10:19 PST
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>From Business Week Jan 25, 1993:
    Removing the paint from Boeing 727 produces 70,000 gallons of
    polluted water, 175 pounds of hazardous waste, and 10,000 pounds of
    toxic air emissions.  And aircraft typically need a paint job
    every four years of their 20-30 year lifetime.  McDonnell
    Douglas Corp. is testing an automated process that uses bursts of
    heat from a high-intesity lamp to remove paint.  Particles of
    dry ice blast off soot, then a vacuum sucks up the residue.
    With this Flashjet process, waste from a 727 totals five pounds, the
    work takes 14 hours instead of 48, and the jobs costs half as much.
    That is partly because $20,000 in hazardous-waste-disposal costs
    is avoid. The company intends to market the system by yearend and adapt
    it later for other tasks such as stripping bridges.

Bob Devine