UA232 Video Weds, 2/24/93 7pm JPL

From: (Barney Lum)
Date:         17 Feb 93 23:49:32 PST
Organization: USC University Computing Services, Los Angeles
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The video tape of Capt. Al Haynes discussing United 232's engine failure and 
subsequent loss of hydraulics will be presented  as an FAA Safety Seminar by 
the Caltech Flying Club.  

     Wednesday, Feb 24 1993, 7pm-9pm
     Jet Propulsion Lab - Pasadena, Von Karman Auditorium 

     210 Freeway,  Exit at Berkshire/Oak Grove
     East on Berkshire to dead end, then left (north) onto Oak Grove up to JPL.
     Guard will direct you to parking and the bldg.

     Admission is free.

In July, 1989, Capt. Haynes and his crew brought the crippled DC-10 to Sioux 
City, Iowa for a crash landing in which ~200 of the ~300 aboard survived.

Thanks go to Capt. Haynes and NASA-Dryden for making the tape available.

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