Re: Am Trans Air DC-10 'crash'

From: (Ken Hoyme)
Organization: Honeywell Systems & Research Center, Mpls. MN, USA.
Date:         17 Feb 93 14:09:39 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.174@ohare.Chicago.COM> writes:

> The ATA DC-10 didn't crash; it was burnt out on the ground during  
> maintenance (I forget the details).
> I believe the USAF KC-10 listed had a similar experience.

I am not sure of all the details, but last March Kevin Driscoll
(co-worker and frequent commenter to this forum) and I went to "Luke
Day" at Luke AFB near Phoenix.  There was a KC-10 on static display.  We
were poking around underneath it and saw a small hatch (probably 1'x2')
near the midpoint on the underside that was partially open.  Being over
6' tall, Kevin reached up to open it further and we quickly had one of
the AF guys by us asking what we were up to.  As we conversed, he stated
that they are sensitive to that area since it is the access port to the
battery bank and they had lost a KC-10 to fire when fuel leaked onto the
battery bank and exploded.  (The main tank is right over this point.)
He had a book of snapshots with him and showed us a picture of a
burned-out hulk of a KC-10 on a ramp.  I thought this occured overseas,
but I might be wrong.

This might be the same one as listed, and supports your recollection.