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From:         tucusito@kokuki.kuaero.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Date:         17 Feb 93 14:09:29 PST
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Does anyone out there have data or references for the 
air-ground data link system operation ?

I am working in the questions concerning the new 
relationship between the outside ground controllers and
aircrews, and the sharing of the mental and control tasks
related to aircraft flight management. Also I am interested
in questions concerning the interface between the aircrew 
and ground controllers, as well as  the degree of automation
necessary to provide the crews with the proper information
at the proper time and in the proper format.

The way I am using is establishing a refined Task Analysis
(function analysis and behavorial analysis) at sucesive
levels of detail describing what the aircrew and ground 
controllers do or what they could do when operating the 
Air-ground data link system. 

I hope to cope with:

- the quantity and quality of intervention from ground staff,

-the circunstances under which tasks are appropriately allocated
to the ground control, to the inboard computer, and/or to the 

- the strategy of communication (voice radio, digital data link, 
warnings, etc...) between controllers and pilots.

in order to infer an appropiate set of operational principles which
could be used to keep the controller and pilot behavior synchronized.

I'd appreciate some e-mail. Thanks.

faisal Zeidan
Dept. of Aeron. Engrg.
Kyoto University. Japan.