Boeing link with Daimler-Benz on "jumbo jumbo?"

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Date:         06 Jan 93 04:26:44 PST
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Boeing said today (Tuesday) that it has held discussions with Daimler-
Benz regarding development of a "jumbo jumbo" airliner that could
carry as many as 800 passengers on long-range routes.  Interesting to
say the least since Daimler-Benz's aerospace subsidiary is Deutsche

Also mentioned were discussions about the aircraft with British
Aerospace, also a member of the Airbus consortium.

Seems like an interesting approach to dealing with Airbus' threat to
build the plane if Boeing does too, despite there being insufficient
market for two such aircraft (if indeed there's even an adequate
market for one).  Last time Boeing tried to play politics to defuse
the Airbus threat (with the British and the 757) they didn't do too
well, though.

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