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From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         15 Feb 93 16:05:40 PST
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Apologies to all those who were puzzled about where the following event is 
taking place! 

The "City University" in question is City University, London. Obviously, I 
don't expect a lot of people to fly over from the States specially to hear 
our seminars (excellent though they are! :-) but I hoped to reach people 
on the lists I mailed who are resident in the UK, and close enough to 
consider coming along. 

Pete Mellor

     *           City University Computer Science Seminar            *
     *        Virtual Reality Techniques in Flight Simulators        *
     *          Prof John Vince, of Rediffusion Simulation           *
     *           Wednesday 3rd March, 2 - 3pm, room A230             *
The modern flight simulator is frequently cited by the VR community
as being an excellent example of VR techniques. Although a trainee pilot 
is unable to leave the simulator cockpit and directly explore the 
virtual airport, he can still enjoy many of the other benefits 
associated with VR. 

In this talk John Vince will describe the background of the latest flight
simulator technology, especially those features common with virtual
reality. His talk will be illustrated with recent real-time video 
animation sequences.

All are welcome to come to this seminar on Wednesday the 3rd March, 
from 2 - 3 pm in A230. Professor Vince is an authority on virtual reality, 
and is co-chairman of the British Computer Society Displays Group 
conference on Interacting with Images. Please contact Geoff Dowling on 
071 477 8442, or e-mail to confirm these 
arrangements in case of last minute changes.

Visitors to the University may find the simplest route by turning
left when leaving the new Angel station. After 100 yards cross over   
the traffic lights, and go a  further 600 yards down St John Street.
The entrance is under the clock on the left hand side. 


Peter Mellor, Centre for Software Reliability, City University, Northampton 
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