Am Trans Air DC-10 'crash'

Date:         12 Feb 93 11:12:08 PST
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Hi Karl,

I'm having problems with my ethernet, so I've been pretty quiet.

The ATA DC-10 didn't crash; it was burnt out on the ground during  
maintenance (I forget the details).
I believe the USAF KC-10 listed had a similar experience.

If memory serves, one of the ONA losses was due to an uncontained  
engine failure, with subsequent destruction of the aircraft by fire.

It might also be worth pointing out that at least one loss, the UTA  
crash in Niger, was a result of a bomb.

You might also want to point interested readers to the book  
_Destination Disaster_ published sometime in the late 70s by 3  
english authors whose names I forget.  It goes over the design  
history of the DC-10 and the factors leading up to the THY crash at  
Ermenonville in 74.  For crash statistics lovers, there's also a long  
appendix listing most airline crashes from WW2 to about 1975.

Stefano Pagiola (note new address)