Re: 767/restrictions/Atlantic Ocean

From: (Ken Hoyme)
Organization: Honeywell Systems & Research Center, Mpls. MN, USA.
Date:         11 Feb 93 22:59:46 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.163@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Paul Raveling) writes:

> 	The sudden loss of power was fatal problem because they were
> 	departing into IMC at night.  This accident prompted immediate
> 	attention to MELs, plus some scrutiny of load sensitivity.
> 	I presume the same issues have had even more intense examination
> 	for FBW aircraft, and would guess that they have reasonably
> 	sophisticated controls for automatic load shedding.  Perhaps
> 	someone who really knows could comment on this.

Folks interested in this topic might find the following article

"Design of the Boeing 777 Electric System"
Luiz Andrade (Sunstrand) and Carl Tenning (Boeing)
IEEE AES Magazine, July 1992  pp4-11
(Based on a presentation at NAECON '92)

The article talks about load shedding both during engine-out conditions
as well as during engine power-up.  The biggest user of power on the 777
will be the galleys.  (140KVA out of about 240KVA).  First choice for

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