Re: A Question about Tours of the Boeing plant

From:         Christopher Davis <>
Date:         11 Feb 93 22:59:45 PST
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BRT> ==

 BRT> I'm going to be in Seattle in March and will have a Saturday free.  I
 BRT> was wondering, does the huge Boeing plant give tours to the general
 BRT> public?

Yes, they're at 10am and 1pm.  They are free, but there are a limited
number of slots, so your best bet is to get there early.  When I went, we
got tickets for the 1pm tour at around 10:30, then drove out to Mukilteo to
eat lunch before the tour.

The tour starts with a movie about Boeing, then a Q&A session.  After that
you get in a bus and they drive you to the actual plant building.  Then you
walk about half a mile down an underground corridor, go up an elevator, and
get to look down upon the production line as the tour guide explains what's
what and what goes where.

 BRT> How far is it from Seattle--would I need to rent a car to get there?

Yes, or you could take the Gray Line bus tour (which, I believe, leaves
from downtown, and includes guaranteed slots).  I didn't do this, so I
don't know what the details are, how much it costs, when it runs, if it's
different from the regular tour, or anything like that.

 BRT> Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

There's a pretty good gift shop at the tour center; we got Boeing mugs,
747-400 playing cards, and other nifty stuff.  If you're prone to spend,
you might want to leave home without the credit cards...  (They have
discounts for airline staff, which I'm not, alas.)