DC-10 crash statistic

From:         almeierh@cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de (Axel Meierhoefer)
Date:         11 Feb 93 01:38:02 PST
Organization: Student Pool, CSD, University of Erlangen, Germany
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I recently discovered the following DC-10 crash statistic:

date      regist. airline               c/n    model     location

17.Dec.73 EC-CBN  Iberia                46925  DC-10-30  Boston
 4.Mar.74 TC-JAV  Tuerk HY              46704  DC-10-10  near Paris
12.Nov.75 N1032F  ONA              ***  46826  DC-10-30  near Istanbul
 2.Jan.76 N1031F  ONA              ***  46825  DC-10-30  New York/JFK
 1.Mar.78 N68045  Continental        *  46904  DC-10-10  Los Angeles
25.May.79 N110AA  American              46510  DC-10-10  Chicago O'Hare
31.Oct.79 N903WA  Western            *  46929  DC-10-10  Mexico City
28.Nov.79 ZK-NZP  Air New Zealand       46910  DC-10-30  Mount Erebus
 3.Feb.81 AP-AXE  Pakistan Intl.        46935  DC-10-30  Karachi
23.Jan.82 N113WA  World Airways      *  47821  DC-10-30  Boston
13.Sep.82 EC-DEG  Spantax               46962  DC-10-30  Malaga
23.Dez.83 HL7339  Korean                46960  DC-10-30  Anchorage
10.Aug.86 N184AT  American Trans Air *  46751  DC-10-40  Chicago O'Hare
17.Sep.87 82-0192 USAF                  48214  DC-10KC   Barksdale/AFB
10.Oct.87 5N-ANR  Nigeria Airways       46968  DC-10-30  Ilorin
19.Jul.89 N1819U  United                46618  DC-10-10  Sioux City
29.Jul.89 HL7328  Korean                47887  DC-10-30  Tripolis
19.Sep.89 N54629  UTA                   46852  DC-10-30  Tenere-Desert

(At the end of 1992 a Martinair DC-10 crashed, the 19th loss of a
DC-10 in 22 years of service.)

I was a bit surprised, when I saw this statistic first.
Overseas National Airways lost TWO quite NEW DC-10s in only EIGHT
WEEKS!!! I think ONA was a small airline. It must have been the biggest
part of their DC-10 fleet. Or did they only have these two!!!!!?

How could this have happened? Does anybody know the reasons for these
crashes or any other information about them?

I am also interested in the reasons of the Continental, Western,
World and American Trans Air crashes.

Does anybody have such kind of statistic for other types of aircraft?
(B.747, L-1011 etc.)
I am also searching for a United Airlines accident and crash statistic.
(1960 - today).

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