TCAS II Installation (was:767/restrictions/Atlantic Ocean)

From: (Hayes N. Press)
Organization: Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company
Date:         10 Feb 93 13:55:32 PST
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>In article <airliners.1993.157@ohare.Chicago.COM> < (alex france)
>I got a demo of all the fun things they could do on the Flight Management
>System, and a demo of the TCAS display which replaced the rate of climb
>indicator with a CRT variable scale rate of climb with the TCAS stuff in
>the middle. Understandably, 200 nm south of Sonderstrom, it wasn't showing

>Is TCAS widespread on commercial aircraft? I hadn't seen one before,
>and this was on old 747 with main instruments all mechanical, so BA
>would seem to have a policy of adding them into existing fleet. Anyone
>know of this being done elsewhere?


Actually, the TCAS display did not replace the rate of climb indicator
but probably was the version where the verticle speed indicator was
integrated with the TCAS display, with the display being an LCD not a
mini-CRT.  This was done because of the need for retrofitability
across the variety of cockpit configurations (mechanical and
electronic display ) that exist at this time.

In the USA, TCAS is required of all commercial operators with aircraft
passengers load capability above a certain level (30 people, I
think).  This requirement is for the use of USA airspace so the
requirement extends to even forgein carriers. The airlines have until
the end of 

1993, to install either TCAS I or TCAS II.  The strange thing is that
some European Authories require that the system be turned off when
operating in their airspace, because of concerns they have with the

I'm glad to now know that if in the future I travel on a BA flight I
can make a request to take a visit to the cockpit.

Speaking only for myself.

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