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From: (alex france)
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Date:         10 Feb 93 03:11:24 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.150@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Robert Dorsett) writes:
>>And, another question, there were only 2 pilots on board on
>>a non-stop flight of 9.5 hours. I thought that on these long-distance
>>flights there is also a cruise-pilot. Is it because this flight
>>was a charter ?
>9.5 hours isn't long.  "Long" doesn't start until about 14 hours duty time,
>depending on country and labor laws  US is among the most regressive.

A few weeks back I was on BA for London-SF flight (which is around
11 hours total time) and since I was seated in the upper deck and
semi-bored I asked one of the flight attendents if I could visit
the cockpit (which, not being US registered, they are allowed to do).

Anyway, this 747 only had one captain and one first officer, but being
what they called a 'long' flight, they carried two flight engineers.
When I asked about this the captian said it was something to do with
hours in a given period, but didn't know the exact details, and the
flight engineer just nodded in a sagely fashion and tapped his

Anyway, the visit was fun. I got a demo of all the fun things they
could do on the Flight Management System, and a demo of the TCAS
display which replaced the rate of climb indicator with a CRT variable
scale rate of climb with the TCAS stuff in the middle. Understandably,
200 nm south of Sonderstrom, it wasn't showing much!

Is TCAS widespread on commercial aircraft? I hadn't seen one before,
and this was on old 747 with main instruments all mechanical, so BA
would seem to have a policy of adding them into existing fleet. Anyone
know of this being done elsewhere?


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