Operating Costs of Modern Aircraft

From:         pjhicks@acri.fr (Peter J. Hicks)
Date:         07 Feb 93 02:02:42 PST
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Could I ask a simple question - although I may suspect that the answer
is not so simple

What are  the operating costs of Modern Aircraft ?
i.e. 737 - 747 - 757 - 767 , airbus ETC, 

The reason for this question is that I live in Lyon France and during
the skiing season CHARTER flights come form the Manchester at 49
British pounds return - these being the late availability seats and
they come at 89 pounds for a bookable seat.

 The Aircraft is either a 757 or a 767 ( dont quote me on that ). The
distance is less than 1000 miles and the flying time is approx 1 hour
and 30 mins. I do not believe that they can make a profit 

However when the skiing season is over there are no direct flights and
the cost of this jumps up to 230 pounds APEX ( via LONDON)

I would like to know what the operating costs are so could anyone
please help

Regards Peter Hicks