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In article <airliners.1992.187@royko.Chicago.COM> writes:
>Martinair DC10 crash around 9.30 am in Portugal.
>According to a news broadcast which I heard at
>10 o'clock this morning, a Martinair DC10 charter plane
>had just crash-landed on a Portuguese airport with 322 passenger
>aboard after being struck by lightning.  The plane exploded
>immediately after the unsuccesful crash-landing.   

Given the concerns when this newsgroup was formed over a flurry of
crash-related speculation I'm surprised that there's been nothing
further here regarding this crash.  Maybe it's the holidays, or
just not that interesting a crash.  For those wondering, here's a
bit of info, primarily from UPI (via ClariNet).

The aircraft, a 15 year old DC-10-30(CF) due to be sold to the Dutch
Air Force, broke in two after the left wing hit the ground just as
or shortly after the main gear touched down at Faro Airport.  The
forward section remained largely intact but the aft section was
destroyed by an explosion and fireball.

Strong, gusting winds appear to be the most probable cause.  Light-
ning was not mentioned as a factor in any of the reports I read.

Of 340 people on board (327 PAX and 13 crew) 54 were killed and over
260 were injured, 31 seriously.  Identification of victims has been
hampered by Martinair's incomplete passenger list.

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