Re: Airliner Accident Book Recommendations - Mt Erebus crash?

From:         Graham Mann <>
Organization: University of New South Wales
Date:         05 Feb 93 13:55:10 PST
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[book recommendations deleted]

The books you mention sound very interesting - I must try to get hold of

>     Does anybody have any recommendations about good books concerning
>airliner accidents (particularly recent ones)?  I'm not a morbid
>person, but I do find the stories and descriptions of airplane
>problems/crashes/accidents/near-misses/etc. to be quite vivid and
>interesting (when well written).  They give insights into various
>aspects of technology and the human element...sort
>of like a good episode of Trek :) 

Agreed. One need not be a ghoul to be interested in the subject of
crashes. They are in fact real-life dramas, that however rare,
nevertheless serve as tributes to heroic people struggling to survive,
and warnings about what can go wrong with the technology we all depend

I have a question. Can anybody recommend a good book on the crash of the
Air New Zealand DC-10 that crashed into the side of Mt. Erebus, Antarctica
in 1979. I need the whole story on this disaster for something I'm writing
about the hazards of flight in polar regions.

Any references would be much appreciated.


Graham Mann