Re: Airliner Accident Book Recommendations?

From: (Stan Jones)
Organization: Carleton University
Date:         04 Feb 93 02:36:31 PST
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In <airliners.1993.130@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Fabrice Jaubert) writes:

> writes:

>>     Does anybody have any recommendations about good books concerning airliner
>>accidents (particularly recent ones)?  I'm not a morbid person, but I do find

>Have you seen the book "Death and Delivrance", about the Canadian Air Force
>Hercules crash at the North Pole, in 1991? I've just finished reading it,
>and I thought it was very well written - presumably every detail is true,
>and yet it reads like an excellent novel.

>I'm sorry, I can't remember the author's name off-hand. If you wish, I can
>look it up tonight - let me know.

Robert Mason Lee.  The CBC television show 5th Estate (the current
version of a long line of Canadian TV news magazine shows that CBS
ripped off for the 60 minutes format) last night carried a report on
how the survivors of that crash - most employed by Canadian Forces -
have been badly treated in their recovery by the government.

>	...Fabrice


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